The Choice We Made

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My wife and I were married on a Friday the 13th. Yes, it’s a little different than you would expect. However, my parents were also married on a Friday the 13th. June the 13th to be specific. So when my wife and I decided … Read More

Courtney and Ryan Wedding

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This wedding is a little extra special for me. Courtney was one of my most trusted and accomplished second shooters for years. Over time, her and Ryan became our good friends and eventually they got engaged. After moving to Pittsburgh for graduate school, Courtney … Read More

Shelly and Roger Wedding

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Everyday, as I go through the images I capture at my clients’ weddings, I get this overwhelming sense of gratitude. My heart swells as I get flooded with feelings of thanks and happiness when I realize all of the wonderful people that have chosen … Read More

Jennifer + Omead Wedding

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I always have to remind myself that weddings are never an ending, but a beginning. As I’m posting this, I’m remembering the crazy fun¬†engagement portraits of Jennifer and Omead that we captured. And who could forget the amazing bridal portraits that Jennifer did just … Read More

Alicia and Gary wedding formals

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Austin Wedding Photographer Dustin Meyer: Alicia and Gary Formals from Dustin Meyer on Vimeo. Austin Wedding Photographer: Dustin Meyer presents Alicia and Gary Hopkins wedding formal portraits. Austin, TX. 512-410-8422.

Sneak Peek: Mollie and Matt Wedding

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So, typically after a wedding is over, we pack up and go home. The bride and groom go off to their hotel to rest up for their upcoming travels for their honeymoon. Not so with Mollie and Matt! As a newlywed couple of creativity, … Read More

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