Jennifer + Omead Wedding

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I always have to remind myself that weddings are never an ending, but a beginning. As I’m posting this, I’m remembering the crazy fun engagement portraits of Jennifer and Omead that we captured. And who could forget the amazing bridal portraits that Jennifer did just weeks before the wedding? So now here we are, after their gorgeous wedding at Barton Creek Resort and Spa, and I’m feeling a little sentimental. I love shooting weddings, but I love my clients even more. I feel so lucky to have spent so much time with people like Jennifer and Omead. And documenting that moment when they stand before everyone to claim their lifelong commitment to each other is such an experience.

It’s because of weddings like these that I continue to pick up the camera and put the strap around my neck. The overwhelming feelings of love, joy, happiness, and celebration that I experienced on their wedding day still makes my eyes water. Jennifer even commented on a snapshot a guest had taken of me at the wedding while I was photographing her. She told me I had this huge grin on my face while I was taking pictures. Yup, that sounds like me.

However, as always, I can never take all of the credit. My deepest thanks to Rochelle of Rae Cosmetics for the gorgeous bridal makeup. Floral Renaissance and their stunning flowers. Marquee Rentals and Platinum Linens. Ilios Lighting for their always knockout lighting setup. A very big thank you to Kristen Crawford of Barton Creek for introducing me to Jennifer and Omead. And of course, a special thanks to Cortney Zieky of BZ Events for making it all happen :)

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  1. Theresa


    Theresa Stent

    • Dustin Meyer

      Thanks, Theresa!!


  2. Nick Corona

    Love It! Awesome Job!


  3. Ann Lovric


    You should have seen Jennifer and Omead smile, cry, laugh and squeal as we all sat down for the first time and watched the video!! We are more than pleased!! We can not wait to see the rest!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Love from, A VERY Happy Mother and Father of the Bride!!

  4. Jennifer

    Hi there!! If it is not a hassle, could you please send me the actual file of the picture of me and Omead walking hand in hand on the grass (pic #31 above I think). I LOVE it and I’m dying to put it as my facebook picture!! Thanks so much!!

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