Warning: This video contains material that will warm your heart :)

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A while back, Lauren and AJ asked me to shoot their wedding. As with all of our clients, we became good friends. However, Lauren and AJ’s story was a little different. Not long after they were married, AJ was sent overseas to fight in the war. For 17 months of their marriage, AJ was gone for 12 months. And I would see Lauren at her friends’ weddings that I was capturing. It was great to see her, but she always seemed a little sad.

Then one day, Lauren was very happy. She called me up to tell me that her beloved AJ was finally coming home! So, she asked me if I’d come and photograph his homecoming. Of course, I said. You see, I don’t just shoot weddings. I shoot people. I go out of my way to capture these moments that mean so much to them, and me.

Here’s the video to show you how much two people mean to each other, even when they’ve been far apart from each other. Lauren and AJ, I love you guys :)

The Homecoming of Captain AJ Kuen from Dustin Meyer on Vimeo.

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5 Responses

  1. Elizabeth Jayne

    Not gonna lie… I got pretty choked up watching this! I just can’t imagine being away from my husband for so long. Awesome work Dustin!

  2. Kami Recla

    Great video! My husband came home that morning as well, and my son and I were in the video a couple times. I sent the link to my family so they could see what the homecoming ceremony is like. Awesome job capturing the experience. I don’t know if it’s possible, but I would love to have a copy of the video. No pressure … it was great just to relive that happy morning a few months later!

  3. Aurora Bradford

    I cried like a baby!

    • Dustin Meyer

      Thanks Aurora, so did I!

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