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Lauren’s Bridal Portraits

This one’s special to me. I can’t even really figure out where to begin. You see, Lauren and I actually go back a ways. And I’m not just talking about her engagement portraits adventure around Austin, TX. It turns out, her younger sister came to me for senior portraits several years ago. During Christine’s portrait session, Lauren was in my studio going through my wedding albums. To be honest, I’m not even sure if she was engaged yet.

But from that moment until today, Lauren has perhaps been one of my biggest fans aside from being one of my favorite brides. Everything from commenting on all my Facebook posts, to stalking me on Pinterest. You see, I don’t quite think I’ve met a bride who was quite like Lauren. Now I’ve always understood, more than most, what goes on during a wedding day. And I completely understand (and agree) that brides should be allowed some sense of entitlement. They put a lot of work, inspiration, collaboration, frustration, and passion into their wedding day. I think brides should be afforded that exception. They have a lot going on in their minds.

However, Lauren is different. I use the term “is” instead of “was” because Lauren is someone that has become a friend for life to me. From discussing her engagement portraits ideas, to her wedding day family drama scenarios, Lauren did what many brides sometimes fail to do. She trusted me. Completely. Every time I made a suggestion based on experience, her reply was “That sounds great, Dustin. I trust you!”  On her wedding day, when time was running short because Lauren selflessly let her bridesmaids take more time with her makeup artist before she went last, I explained to Lauren how the timeframe would need to be modified. And she looked at me the same way she always does with her bright smile and said, “That sounds good to me, you tell us what to do Dustin!”

It takes a lot of faith for a bride to do this. I was a little astonished myself. However, it reminded me why I love doing what I do. And why I do it well. Because brides like Lauren let me do my job.

Lauren. Eric is a very lucky man. You’re relationship as husband and wife will be strong and full of love and fierce devotion. As I mentioned in the Lauren and Eric Sneak Peek, you both are surrounded by friends and family that reflect your genuine nature.

It’s with much excitement (and relief!) that I finally get to share with you some of my absolute favorite images from Lauren’s Bridal Portraits at the Texas Capitol in Austin and at the Dustin Meyer Photography studio. These images mean a lot to me because they capture Lauren’s outgoing personality and her smile that makes all your problems go away.

Lauren, you are absolutely the best. All my thanks!


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21 Responses

  1. Rachel - A Southern Fairytale

    She is absolutely stunning and you are quite wonderful, Dustin.

    • Dustin Meyer

      Thank you so much, Rachel! Lauren is a Westwood Warrior as well. Something about those Lady Warriors :)

  2. Lauren Gebhard

    You made taking these portraits so relaxed and fun, Dustin! I owe you, your creativity, and relaxed nature for the results of these photos. So, thank you, thank you, thank you! And thank you for your kind words, Dustin!

  3. Lauren Gebhard

    You made taking these bridals so relaxed and fun! I have you to thank for how well they turned out. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And thank you for the kind words! I loved working with you!

  4. Lauren Gebhard

    My bridal portrait blog written (and photographed) by Dustin Meyer at Dustin Meyer Photography! I could not have asked for a better photographer or friend throughout this wedding planning process and on our very special day. Thanks, Dustin!

  5. Kim Jackson Marion

    Just gorgeous!

  6. Tracey Brown

    Wow..Dustin you are right on about Lauren! She is a beautiful woman inside and out! And your portraits are fabulously beautiful! The Brown family are big fans…and you will be by our side for my baby’s senior portraits and Katherine’s wedding journey!

  7. Tracey Brown

    Yall are funny….I am just planning ahead!

  8. Jane Saunders Nolden

    Dustin’s pictures capturing the essence of Lauren and her inner beauty were evident from the engagement pictures, wedding pictures and reception! Wow! Dustin you were amazing but then again you had the inspirational, fun-loving and ever sweet Lauren as your subject! Dustin was so kind and thoughtful to all of the guests at the reception and I am thankful that I met him in action! What an incredible photographer! Next event in my life you are my first choice!

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