Published: Edible Austin Spring 2012

I love it when I get to shoot for Edible Austin magazine. Seriously, how awesome is it when I not only get to photograph wonderful people, foods and beverages, but then I also get to enjoy them during the shoot. Sometimes, you have to be careful not to enjoy too much like in the last cover shoot we did for Edible Austin. Here’s a hint, it was about whiskey.

However, in the spirit of Spring, this upcoming issue for Edible Austin is featuring Lick Ice Cream. You can bet I raised my hand high as soon as EA asked who wanted to do the shoot ;)

organic lime and cilantro ice cream gelato photo

Needless to say, I loved the ice cream. I loved the shoot. And I always love shooting for Edible Austin magazine. Getting my work on the cover is just the icing on the cake… or the ice cream.

The Spring issue will be available March 1st at your local Whole Foods.