Rehearsal Dinner: Mollie + Matt

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I know what you’re thinking… rehearsal dinner coverage, Dustin? It may sound strange at first, but the majority of my clients opt for rehearsal dinner coverage for several reasons. Mainly, it gives your guests a great opportunity to get used to me taking their photos. Honestly, the really important people in the wedding will be at the rehearsal dinner. So why not let them get a little warm up to being photographed?

Also, there are just as many powerful emotions to capture at rehearsal dinners as there are at your wedding day. In fact, it gives me an opportunity to get to know you better as well. Especially when the parents of the wedding couple surprise the honored wedding guests with a slideshow. With lots of laughs, giggles, tears, and heartfelt hugs, rehearsal dinners always leave me with a tear in my eye and a warmth in my heart.

Mollie and Matt celebrated their rehearsal dinner at the wonderfully intimate Parkside Restaurant on 6th Street in Austin, TX.

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  2. Michael Tuuk

    Rehearsal dinners are often a huge part of the wedding weekend IMO. I’m surprised more people don’t opt for this (budget I suppose…). Great pictures.