Emily and Nick

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Once in a while, I get to work with some really amazing people. I’m not exactly sure why that is. Perhaps it’s because family and relationships are becoming more important than ever in a society focused on glamorizing less important issues. It seems that more people nowadays are encouraged to “Like” more than “Love”. Maybe it’s the social media craze, maybe it’s a distraction from the more fulfilling relationships.

Emily and Nick are perhaps the two most in love people I’ve ever met. Not only are they strong in love and devotion to one another, but as individuals they exhibit character and loyalty to their friends and family. As beautiful as the setting for Emily and Nick’s wedding was at the Vineyard at Florence, I urge you to look beyond just the visual embellishments. Witness the true bond between two people that have come together to profess their commitment to one another in front of a gathering of people that are more than just people, they’re family.

  1. Dustin Meyer

    Emily and Nick at the Vineyard at Florence.