Adrianne and Josh Wedding

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There are times in my career as a wedding photographer where I sometimes feel like I’m becoming used to all of the friendliness, hospitality, and love that surrounds people on their wedding day. And then Adrianne and Josh come along.

Suddenly, I’m overwhelmed with the undeniable sense of warmth, generosity, and unabated fellowship because of these two people who are fiercely in love. Perhaps the rustic setting of the old fashioned Reunion Ranch made me a little nostalgic for my native Lone Star State. Or perhaps it was the shock and awe of watching groomsmen perform a most impressive dance-off in the middle of the reception floor. But, looking back, I know without a doubt that the overwhelming sense of family, love, and belonging came right from the source of this entire wedding day, Adrianne and Josh.

My sincerest thanks to you both as you not only continue to grow in your lives together, but also for reawakening the warmth in all of us. Your wedding is a reminder to your family and friends about what love is truly made of. Congratulations, Adrianne and Josh.

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