Saying Goodbye

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Photo of my grandparents.

It’s never easy to say goodbye to a loved one. It still hurts when I think about being at my grandfather’s bedside when he passed away. The following years were even harder when I watched as my grandmother missed him every day. And now, she’s 90 years old. She’s had such a full life, giving me memories that will stay with me forever. Memories that made me into the father I am today, creating traditions and habits that I share with my children. And although she is now in hospice care, somehow I feel heartened. It’s as if every pain and sorrow I felt after my grandfather died, is now turned into relief and hope as my grandmother will soon join her beloved husband in heaven.

Which is why, when I hurt, I think about why it’s important to carry on with the family memories. I think about them as though they are presents given to us to cherish into our last days. So hug your loved ones tight, and keep reliving your best memories.

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  1. Jessica Frey

    Hi Dustin- we’ve never met but I’m from Austin and love following Austin photographers while I’m out in CA. I felt compelled to comment on your beautiful post because my path is exactly that of yours. I just flew home to Austin last week for my grandma (my hero’s) funeral…and felt comforted that she was gone only to be with my grandfather who suddenly passed 11 months ago. Their love and my faith got me through last week and I’ll always cherish the memories I have with them and look forward to carrying on some of their traditions. Prayers to you and your family during this time. What a lovely photo of them to look back on…and another reason we love doing our job, freezing moments in our life to cherish always!
    -Jessica Frey

    • Dustin Meyer

      Thank you, Jessica for your kind words. It’s a blessing knowing that there are other photographers such as yourself that understand the importance of our jobs, to record the special moments in people’s lives.

  2. Rachel

    I’m so very sorry for your loss.
    It’s so hard to let go but, such a wonderful thing when you have photographs to help the memories stay alive.

    • Dustin Meyer

      Thank you, Rachel. That really means a lot.