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Wedding photography is something more than just taking photos. It’s an opportunity to become a part of a very special day. It’s beautiful, emotional, and memorable. For me, my privilege is to preserve those memories.

Over the 15 years I’ve been involved with wedding photography, I have seen every kind of wedding day. From dynamic and colorful to warm and intimate. From large to small, and everything in between.

When Elizabeth reached out to me, she told me a story not unlike my own. She explained that her wedding day was something a little different from others. Her and Kyle had originally planned for a large scale wedding with many people from all over. But because of their busy lives with school and graduation, it looked like they would have to change their plans.

So, they decided to go with something much smaller. With a total number of nine people, I was instantly excited because not only would it mean a more intimate setting, but it was also much like my own wedding. Their wedding day was to be at a lake house right on the water at the beautiful Lake LBJ in the gorgeous Texas Hill Country.

My wife and I have always taken the road less traveled when it came to our lives. When Elizabeth told me of her wedding plans, I instantly felt a connection with her and Kyle. Needless to say, I was excited.

For me, wedding photography for smaller weddings means that I can’t disappear into a crowd while taking wedding photos. I’m just as much a part of their special day as any other friend or family member. And I think this is why it makes me feel so honored to be a part of a small gathering.

Not only am I just another hired professional. I’m also someone that becomes connected, someone with a responsibility to capture those most important moments.

To Elizabeth and Kyle, it means more to me than ever that you asked me to capture your wedding day. You’re family and friends are loving and supportive, and I feel the same way. Congratulations.



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  1. Taz

    What a delightfully charming set of photos. The emotions are captured so beautifully!

    • Dustin Meyer

      Thank you so much, Taz! They were such a delightful couple!