Speed up your Card Reader

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You’re back from your shoot. You’re ready to work. You feel inspired from the amazing images you just captured! What’s the one thing that gets in your way? A slow card reader. You know what I mean. You are all guilty of it just like me. You bought a fast computer, fast memory cards, a fast camera. But you cheaped out on a card reader. And there’s your bottleneck for your entire workflow.

Enter the Delkin Devices ImageRouter Card Reader 4-in-1. Truly a card reader created specifically for professional photographers. It doesn’t read SD cards, or XD, or mini-SD cards, or any other types of cards. This baby is pure Compact Flash card-reading ecstasy. The ImageRouter 4-in-1 was created to do one thing and to do it extremely well… read 4 Compact Flash cards at once and to do it fast.

Some of the specs I enjoy is that it’s obviously USB 2.0. We all know and appreciate USB 2.0. This means all PC and Mac users can live in harmony as we download our CF cards in record volume. Yes, as a Mac user, it would be great to have a Firewire 800 model, but the USB 2.0 version works just fine. You’re downloading four cards at once, can it get any better?

So, take a look at your current situation. Are you cheaping out? Go to BHPhoto.com to check it for yourself. Stop wasting time downloading one card at a time. Besides, I was able to write this article while I was downloading images from a wedding I shot this past weekend. How productive can you be?

(Images courtesy of BHPhoto.com)