How Pictures Can Better Your Website

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How pictures can better your website

In this day and age the images on your site are an important factor. If not one of the most important ones. Once upon a time a website consisted of text and nothing else. But then images began to be introduced, and the world saw the benefit they have to your web browsing.

Nowadays whether you are on partypoker, MSN, or an entertainment website like Perez Hilton’s blog, you’ll notice the ratios between pictures, text and white space are fairly levelled out. There’s a balance that’s pleasing to the eye. Why are pictures so important to the success of a website though?

Brighten it up – A website without pictures can appear very dull, especially if it has many blocks of text, the only brightness being the contrast between the background and the writing. Pictures give your eyes something else entertaining to look at and brighten up the page.

Give clarity to information – Sometimes a person can read an entire opening paragraph of a web article, and still have no clue what it is talking about. When you add a picture though, you are giving the user a visual clarification that will help them put the information together in their mind. Thus helping to ease any confusion.

Give the eyes a break – When your eyes are straining to read or search for information, they need a place to rest for a moment. Pictures are the perfect spot for them to do so. Then once they’ve had their fill of the photograph, they can go back to reading again.

Relevance – So long as a picture is relevant to the site or page, it will be interesting to the user. In fact the more relevant the better, because as I said earlier, people use pictures for clarification, and to prove a point. They pay attention to a photo when it has meaning.