Megan and Mike Engagement Portraits

Getting to travel for my job is truly an adventure. Yes, there are airports, baggage claim, and the occasional hurricane warning… thanks Sandy. However, when I get to work with a couple like Megan and Mike, it makes all of my travel mishaps disappear.

Newburyport, Massachusetts was absolutely gorgeous this time of year. And it made for the perfect backdrop for the beautiful couple Megan and Mike. It was so wonderful getting to watch the two of them together. It didn’t matter that my camera was following them around all over the absolutely scenic boatyards, docks, and downtown Newburyport. They acted like they completely forgot I was there and just enjoyed their date together.

Megan and Mike, I can’t wait for your wedding day next August. But I’m also extremely thankful for the time we spent together in Massachusetts for your engagement portraits. Congratulations to you both :)

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  2. Tami Ward-Dahl

    Wow – they look great – how exciting!

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