Engagement Portraits: Trisha and Joe

As I mentioned in my previous post, Joe is a very talented cousin of mine. After he and Trisha had met while playing the Austin music scene together with the South Austin Jug Band, they eventually split to work with different music groups. Trisha eventually began working with the quickly popular The Trishas, and Joe was asked on to work with Wisebird and the Beckham Bros. However, they didn’t quit each other. With as much love for each other as they have for their music, it was my extreme pleasure to capture their relationship in such a creative way. Never have I had a couple as original and unique as Trisha and Joe, a true-blue, live music, Austin-lovin’ couple.

2 Responses

  1. Anne Marie Carson

    Very cute idea… it is nice to see a styled shoot that really reflects the couple’s personality.

    • Dustin Meyer

      Thank you, Anne! It was definitely a treat to do something unique with Trisha and Joe :)