Sneak Peek: Lauren and Eric Austin Engagement Portraits


Austin Engagement Portraits by Dustin Meyer Photography. Perhaps the best remedy for when I feel like the daily grind is grinding me down is getting to work with couples that are positively in love. I think about all of the other jobs I could … Read More

Warning: These pictures may be a little too hot…


Ok, you’ve been warned. When Emily told me that she wanted to do something different for her bridal portraits, she wasn’t kidding. In fact, I think she actually told me she wanted to do something I’ve never done before. Needless to say, I was … Read More

In The Morning


Lately, I’ve really been enjoying the creative freedom I get from shooting with my iPhone 4s. There’s just something pleasing I get from seeing a shot, and capturing it right away without having to run back to the studio and grab my gear. The … Read More