5 Wedding Tips for Perfect Wedding Photos

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3. Clean up after yourself Dustin Meyer is the best wedding photographer in Austin black and white photo of a bride smiling in her bridal gown with a wedding hairstyle half up half down


It may sound trivial, but keeping a clean room helps reduce pre-wedding day jitters. Having a presentable room before the photographer arrives seems harder than it sounds. While your professional hair and makeup artist makes you look beautiful, having the dresses, shoes, jewelry and more scattered about, it can get a little hectic. The clutter piles up and everything quickly falls into disarray. Treat your photographer like you would when your parents dropped in on you in college. Keep it tidy so everyone knows where your wedding details can be found. This way, your wedding photographer can easily find your wedding shoes, bridal gown, earrings, wedding rings, and more. Having an organized room not only makes it easier on you and your photographer, your getting-ready photos will look incredible without the clutter.

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