What types of albums do you offer?

Dustin Meyer Photography offers a print and bind solution that creates a beautiful flush mount album. Our cutting-edge binding technology produces an album with excellent lay flat properties and a uniquely small page break seam. Dustin Meyer Photography offers a variety of covers options including photographic covers in high gloss and matte options, premium leather, genuine leather, and glam covers (embossed crocodile and distressed leather).

Do you offer sign-in albums?

Yes. Our sign-in album collection, available in 8×8 or 10×8 sizes, displays images on the left side and faded parchment paper on the right side of the album for guest signing.

What is the minimum and maximum number of spreads an album can contain?

Albums contain a minimum of 10 spreads (20 sides) and a maximum of 40 spreads (80 sides). All spreads are available as color corrected or non-color corrected. Balance albums only contain 10 spreads (20 sides).

What types of leather are available for the album covers?

We offer genuine, premium, crocodile, bonded, and distressed leather albums.

Premium leather is available in the following colors:



Black         Brown        Tan           Burgundy         Red         Orange      Gold         Green       Forest Green       Pink         Magenta   Light Blue    Sky Blue


Glam covers are available in the following colors in Embossed Crocodile:



Auberdine   Chocolate   Deep Cherry   Deep Orange        Lime          Onyx
Glam covers are available in the following colors in Distressed Leather:


Cowboy Red    Saddle Brown

What choices are available for personal embossing?

Personal embossing is available in a variety of fonts, colors, and styles.

Font choices:

Block Font

Script Font

Font color choices:





Style choices:



Right Angle

*Please note that Branded embossing is not available in Pink, Light Blue, or Ivory

The maximum number of personal embossing lines is two. There is a limit of 28 characters (including spaces, letters, ampersands, etc) per line of embossing, and no special characters are allowed (underscores, parenthesis, quotation marks, etc).
What is a cover cameo?
A cover cameo is a window that is cut out of the cover of the album that holds a photo of the photographer’s choice. When sending a cameo image, please rename it as cameo.jpg.
          Cameo Cover
What are metal albums?
A new technique involving infusing dyes directly onto a treated metal surface, the Metal albums appeal to a truly innovative client. Create your custom Metal album by selecting either our High Definition (HD) metal or Vintage metal. Then match it with a color from the Premium Leather, Glam Leather Collection, or Masquerade Collection to decorate the back, spine, and protective corners.
Metal Albums
Why is a cameo cover only offered for premium leather and glam albums?
Premium leather and Grand covers are top-of-the-line custom made products. Each premium and glam cover is cut and made at the time of the order, allowing for more personal options, such as cameo covers.What kind of paper is used for the album spreads?
All of our albums are printed on photographic papers.
What paper types are available for album spreads?
Albums spreads can be printed on three photographic paper options: standard professional photographic paper, metallic photographic paper, and matte photographic paper.
What is the archival quality of the albums?
For properly maintained albums, Dustin Meyer Photography has a lifetime guarantee.
How should I care for my album?

When not in use, albums should be stored flat in conditions between 55-95° F and between 5-60% humidity. These conditions should not change drastically and albums should be kept out of direct sunlight. Dustin Meyer Photography albums can be gently cleaned with a damp cloth, and the foil imprints should not be rubbed. Last, it is best that one uses their fingertips instead of nails to turn the pages.