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Photography Internships with Dustin Meyer Photography

Are you looking to get into the photography industry? Photography internships are a wonderful way to get college credit for your photography degree. Learn necessary skills required for wedding and portrait photography such as posing and lighting, shooting, digital photo editing, studio and marketing, plus many more.

Dustin Meyer Photography is a premiere wedding and portrait photography studio in Austin, Texas. Our photography internship program will provide you with the experience needed to work and run your own photography studio business.

Internships with our photography studio will cover these topics:

  • Digital Photography
  • Studio and On-Location Lighting
  • Portrait and Wedding Photography
  • Digital Photography Editing and Post-Production (Adobe Photoshop Lightroom)
  • Studio and Business Marketing
  • and more…




Our mission for our photography internship program is to provide students with the opportunity to work and learn in a studio and photography business environment and receive the experience and skills needed to be successful in the wedding and portrait photography industry. Dustin Meyer Photography is a fun and educational resource for fulfilling your degree requirements in order to graduate.



Photography internships with Dustin Meyer Photography are available only to students currently receiving college credit for their internship program from an accredited college or university degree program.

All internship applicants must provide documentation outlining the requirements of their photography internship program from their college or university photography degree program.

*Important: Additional experience and requirements for our internship program includes but is not limited to…

  1. Photo editing software (ex: Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom)
  2. Camera equipment (ex: cameras, flash, studio and lighting gear, etc.)
  3. Photography portfolio (at least 10 images in print or an online portfolio)

Note: Photography internships with Dustin Meyer Photography are unpaid, adhering to the requirements needed for college credit only. Dustin Meyer Photography does not offer paid internships.


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Photography internships with Dustin Meyer Photography.